Pet Health Industry Summit 2016: Collaboration and Innovation for the Veterinary Medicine Industry

October 09, 2016 • Portland, OR

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Banfield’s Pet Healthcare Industry Summit is an annual event that brings together leaders from the veterinary profession to discuss barriers and opportunities facing the industry and collaborate on solutions.

In September, we hosted our 15th annual summit in Portland, Oregon where we talked about innovation. We explored what makes innovative companies successful and led exercises to bring these learnings to life. To connect the concept of innovation to our unique industry, speakers honed in on key areas where it’s taking place: telemedicine, bringing services to underserved pets and veterinary technology. 

“Industry Summit has always been one of my favorite events. It is an opportunity for leaders within the profession to lean in and have an open dialogue around how we can collaborate and propel the industry forward. The concept of innovation isn’t one that is reserved for Silicon Valley—it is alive and well within the veterinary profession,” said Dr. Chris Dietrich, regional medical director.

This year, we heard from thought leaders across the industry who talked about how they bring innovation to life in their organizations.

  • Tom Bohn from the Veterinary Innovation Council discussed the need for telemedicine and the status of their current pilot program
  • Dr. Kris Otteman from Oregon Humane Society reviewed their innovative partnership with Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where students receive hands-on training at the shelter while providing care to underserved pets
  • Dr. Adam Little from Texas A&M and Ben Jacobs from Whistle talked about innovation within the technology landscape and advances at established institutions as well as within the start-up community

“I was encouraged to see so many folks engaged in conversations around how we can continue to grow as a profession. It is not every day that you can sit next to the dean of a university, the head of a pharmaceutical company and an executive director of a nonprofit. What’s most exciting is this is just the start of these conversations — several programs first generated at Banfield’s summit have been brought to life, and I hope to see more come out of the discussions from this year.”

At Banfield, we are continuing to explore innovation within the veterinary profession and our practice. Our CEO, Vincent Bradley, is on the board of directors of the Veterinary Innovation Council, an initiative launched by the North American Veterinary Community that is focused on positive change across the profession.

 “My hope is that, as an industry, we can continue to collaborate, ideate and act on key learnings, allowing us as veterinarians to better serve pets and the people who love them,” said Dr. Dietrich.

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