Sarah Williams

Practice Manager

Sarah was first introduced to the Banfield family in 2010 by completing a 4 month externship with the practice after finishing veterinary assistant courses at Pima Medical Institute in Colorado. She officially started with Banfield in 2012 as a veterinary assistant in Texas. Her husband was in the military, which had them moving about the country. In February 2014, she spent a year with an emergency veterinary practice as a veterinary assistant before finding out they were moving again. She started back up with Banfield in January 2015 as a veterinary assistant just in time for our grand opening. She was promoted to shift lead in December of that same year and went on to receive another promotion as practice manager in August 2018. She enjoys hiking, taking her dogs on walks, and doing yoga. She has 2 dogs, Turbo and Bella, and 2 cats, Evo and Monster.

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