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Review Your Optimum Wellness Plan

Review Your Optimum Wellness Plan

People’s health care needs change over the course of their lives. The preventive care they needed as children isn’t the same as what they need in their adult lives, and into their senior years.

The same goes for dogs and cats. As pets age, their preventive health care needs can evolve. Overall health status, breed, and even weight can also impact the kinds of health care that is best for your pet.

Because needs can change, it’s important to review your Optimum Wellness Plan® regularly. Since these packages of preventive care for dogs and cats can be personalized throughout your pet’s life, we encourage pet owners to adjust their health care approach according to the age of their pets.

Below are some of the health factors you can discuss with your Banfield veterinarian.

Dental Cleanings

Most adult pets benefit from one professional dental cleaning per year but some pets, such as small breed dogs, may need more than one a year to help prevent dental disease. This additional cleaning can be added as an option to your cat or dog Optimum Wellness Plan.

Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks and heartworm-carrying mosquitoes are a year-round problem, and that means protecting our pets from them requires a year-round solution. The parasite preventives that will work best for your pet will depend on age, location, lifestyle and health status. Your veterinarian can review the products that are available and even help you decide which parasite control option to add to your pet’s wellness plan so you can be confident that your dog or cat is getting the protection they need all year long.

Chronic Conditions

Kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease are conditions that require medical treatment throughout the year. Pets may need additional blood work or monitoring of their organ’s functions to keep conditions in check. There are OWP chronic care options available that help deliver this important care to your pet.

Review Your Optimum Wellness Plan Today

By regularly reviewing Optimum Wellness Plan options you can build a preventive care package that will best fit your cat or dog’s changing needs. Request an appointment with your local Banfield veterinarian to discuss your pet’s plan.