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Although it is an unlikely event(especially if you use flea and tick preventive treatments as recommended)if you do find a tick on your pet, our Banfield veterinarians have some advice for removing it safely.
Ticks are small insects that live by taking blood meals from mammals. They are found in most parts of the United States.
Here are 10 ways you and your Banfield veterinarian can partner together to help promote wellness and help your dog or cat get the care they deserve.
To kick off National Pet Dental Month, Banfield Pet Hospital releases a scratch and sniff children's book to teach families about the importance of dog dental care. 
New report finds food allergies may not be as prevalent in pets as expected – Banfield Pet Hospital provides data on the more likely cause of pets’ skin irritations.
Atopy and food related allergic skin disease are caused by reactions to inhaled, ingested, or absorbed "allergens" (pollen, mold spores, dust, dust mites, food, etc.). This is similar to "hay fever" in humans. However, instead of the sinus and nasal signs in humans, pets may manifest the disease as skin irritation that can include the entire skin surface and ear canals.
Traveling with your cat can make your trip even more fun, but it’s very important to plan ahead.